2013 BMS Choppers Got Rake Road Star

The crew from BMS Choppers have a really creative imagination and they proved that with the Got Rake Road Star. This motorcycle has a fancy and modern design with an extra-long front fork. It is propelled by a 102 cubic-inch air-cooled, long strong, OHV 48 degree twin engine.
The engine is connected with a five speed transmission brought to life by an Electric starting system that has solenoid-activated auto-decompressor, so it starts very easy. The 102 cubic inch unit is connected to a 2-into2 exhaust system with dual pipes.
The BMS Chopper Got Rake Road Star goes on a 43 mm Telescopic fork that has adjustable preload of 5.5 in. travel and a rear link type single shock of 4.3 in. travel.
The capable engine and the custom features make this model a unique bike. But it is not cheap at all, this bike is priced at $125,000.00
This bike also has Mikuni 40 mm CV carburetor with electronic fuel, heater, throttle position sensor, and accelerator pumps; hydraulic valve lifters guided by twin camshafts; wide, touring rider and passenger seat; high-strength final drive belt; dual 298 mm front disc brakes with four piston calipers and 320 mm single disc rear brake; and cast wheel option for tubeless tires. The Road Star also includes an ultra-thin, tank-mounted speedometer, lustrous paint and extensive chrome accents, sculpted steel fenders, beefy, brushed-steel forks, and shiny laced wheels with whitewall tires.

• The engine of the Road Star is 102 cubic-inch air-cooled, long-stroke, OHV 48 degree twin engine that delivers huge amounts of torque. It is black painted with polished fins for a more aggressive appearance.
• The pushrod valve actuation secures more consisstent heat dissipation due to the lack of a cam chain case and keeps the overall engine height down.
• The hydraulic valve lifters deliver less maintenance and exceptional performance.
• The five speed transmission with 5th gear overdrives gives outstanding cruising performance at highway speeds with low rpm.
• The single Mikuni 40 mm CV carburetor with throttle position sensor has accelerator pumps, electronic fuel, handy side mounted air filter and carburetor heater to ensure a greater throttle response, consistent fuel flow and maximum power throughout the rev range.
• Heel-toe shifter adds versatility and improves overall cruising comfort.
• The dry sump lubrication system uses a handy spin-on filter and keep overall engine height to a minimum.
• The ceramic composite cylinder bore plating provides more durability due to maximum heat dissipation.
• The electric starting system has solenoid-activated auto-decompressor for dependable and easy starting. 2-into-2 exhaust system has staggered shotgun dual pipes.
Suspension and Chassis
• Solid-mounted engine resided in especially designed rigid, double-cradle frame that has a stylish 32 degree rake.
• Telescopic 43 mm preload adaptable front forks covered in stainless steel, and 5.5 inches of travel stylishly smooth out of the bumps.
• Extra long 66.5 inch wheelbase that creates long and low retro profile, adds comfort and well-balanced handling.
• Link-kind, preload-adaptable single rear shock with 4.3” of travel lowers center of gravity that plusher ride quality and for excellent handling.
• Divided subframe that are placed under the deeply valanced rear fender that permits easy customization with many accessible mounting points.
• The rear shock is tucked out of sight for hardtail, classic look.
• Aluminum front brake and clutch lever are made for beefy, big feel.
• Dual 298 front disc brakes that has 4 piston calipers with aluminum piston and sintered brake pads for linear, strong confidence-inspiring stopping power.
• 16 inch cast wheels shod with tubeless tires for a classic and sporty look, and providing excellent grip and confidence-inspiring handling.
• Lightweight and high-strength final drive belt adds long life and quiet operation
• Rear brake setup has 320 mm single disc together with single piston pin-slide kind of caliper for strong stopping power.

Additional Features
• Deeply valanced steel fenders that are a combination of rugged durability with timeless styling
• Industry-leading Star Family fit and finish that has rich and lustrous paint, and extensive chrome accents.
• Led taillight is flat mounted on the rear fender and gives a custom look with LED lights that draw less electrical.
• Clear turn signal lens with amber lights and chrome rear turn signal.
• Ultra-thin speedometer that has stylish design and gives easy reading of odometer, clock and fuel gauge, dual tripmeters, turn signal, high beam, low fuel, neutral and engine diagnostic indicator lights.
• Sweptback, wide, 1 inch diameter, rubber-mounted handlebars that are easy reachable and reduce the vibration.
• 5.3 gallon fuel tank that has low-fuel warning light.
• Full-size floating-type rider floorboards that have rubber inserts, they are comfortably positioned and roomy, and help reduce vibration.
• Handy dual under-seat helmet holders.
• 12 V 18AH maintenance-free battery that gives fuss-free, dependable starting.
• 12 V 60/55 watt halogen headlight that maximizes the night-time visibility and has a beautiful chrome finish.

Photos:Top Speed

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