2014 BMW R nineT

The R nineT was unveiled last October and it is a stripped-down and classy rendition that pays devotion to the 90th anniversary of BMW. The presentation of the R nineT to the U.S. media was held at the DesignworksUSA campus of BMW in Southern California. As usual, there were hours of technical specs, graph and charts highlighting the latest bits of evolution and innovation. This time, the BMW Motorrad’s Head of Vehicle Design, Ola Stengard, took the floor first. He was speaking of the look and feel of the BMW R nineT and way is different from the other models in BMW’s lineup. The easiest way to describe the nineT is like a reversal of the maxim ‘form follow function’, because the bike has been styled to look great before engineers made it perform well.

You will spot the pretty-styled aluminum tank right off the bat, painted black with brushed knee panels. On this bike you can spot so many details. The front fender stays, the triple-clamps, headlight hanger and rear shock preload knob that are all forged aluminum pieces. The reflector of the generally round headlight has even been penned magnificently. Only the exhaust power valve and the charcoal canister parallel to the rear shock are dull.

To reach the ground, sitting on the flat two-piece seat is very easy. The wide aluminum bar is set back perfectly in order to give you a little lean forward. The Spartan switchgear has a familiar BMW touch and is easy to reach it.

The power output from the 1170cc Boxer Twin is ranked by BMW at 110 HP and 88 lb-ft of torque, and that is not a huge amount taking in consideration the 498 pound curb weight. But to ride this bike and to get it up to speed with midrange and low torque is a joy, satisfaction and it is easy to use it. The suspension action at the rear of the bike is handled by the same Paralever single-sided swingarm like the R1200GS and it is connected to a rear shock with preload and rebound only.

With the help of the straight and wide bars, the turning effort is very light, and in the corner the ride is quite stable. The 17 inch Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact Tube tires perfectly match the handling capabilities of the suspension. The braking performance is also great. The four piston radial-mount calipers have excellent feel and strong bite, but before that you have to reach the first half of the front lever travel. The only electronic aid on the BMW R nineT is the BMW standard ABS that works great.

To ride the nineT is a great experience and it will bring you a lot of fun. You will be laughing and smiling while riding this thing, and maybe won’t be so much adrenaline, but it will be a very enjoyable experience. The price of this bike is $14,900 and the line at the dealership just got longer buy one.


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