All the 2014 touring motorcycles are recalled by Harley Davidson!!!


Harley Davidson decided to recall 126 000 motorcycles. If you heard this and you didn’t know why that is why we are here to tell you. Well that happened because there was some problem with the clutch and this was serious because this could cause crashes. They recalled different bikes starting with the three wheeled bikes and also the custom designed and that is not all they also recalled the 2014 model which was a touring bike.
Last October they also recalled few bikes from the 2014 model. The problem is that the bike can trip over because there is a problem with the hydraulic of the clutch, this can cause a problem if the clutch doesn’t disengage. According to H.D there were several crushes because of this problem, few of them were during the test drive. They can fix the problem by rebuilding the cylinder of the clutch and to fix this problem won’t take longer than an hour. They also recalled few bikes because there was a problem with the fuel thank but luckily there were no injuries. We hope that they will fix the problems and people can continue enjoying in these bikes!!!

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