2015 Honda CBR300R

The 2015 Honda CBR300R maybe is the best starter bike in the world… or maybe not. It is better to say that it is the best beginner sport bike in the world. Used bikes are a great start for beginners, but this bike and its previous 250cc designation, has been titled like a great bike for anyone who is learning to ride a bike.
There are so many factors that play a role in making a perfect beginner bike, including lightweight, low seat height, skinny, easy clutch and small displacement. But also there are other factors that many are not taking them into account: seating position, the right gearing, having the ability to grow into the bike, cheap, etc. This bike is very close to be one of the best beginner bikes in the world and on the market. Newbies or experienced alike can have fun on the tiny chassis of the Honda CBR300R.
Honda treats the CBR300R like an all-new model, but it is an updated and replacement for the CBR250. The 300cc engine is far more than the stroked 250. It has the same seat height like the CBR250, and it is easier to hold up and more nimble than the 250.
The transmission is tall, while the gearing was spot on perfect, and it makes for a comfortable 60-70 MPH speeds. The engine has enough torque if you want to have some fun at the stop light. The power output and the sound are the only things that will remind you that you are on a Thumper.

The front suspension is about 4.65 inches, little more than 600cc and 1000cc CBRs, but is really feels softer than that, according to Honda.
They call it 300, but in fact it is a stroked 250 to 286cc. But, there is a new rod, piston-pin position and crank. The power numbers aren’t announced yet, but Honda confirms that the power curve is different.
While the rpms are great for a single cylinder on the highway, the bike is slightly twitchy and the nimbleness and the loose steering are a problem. You wouldn’t want to go longer than 30 miles on a fast freeway. The smaller tires and the aerodynamics won’t give you confidence for highway speeds.
This motorcycle is a fun for the newbies and for the y with experience. This is the kind of bike you can jump on to have a fun slinging it into a corner. It is a small cc Thumper, but Honda has given it best to bring it to its fullest potential. This is the right bike for having fun with your friends, but if in your surroundings there are only highways, we recommend you to get something bigger.
For a brand new motorcycle this cheap price is a fair for what you will get, at $4,399 and ABS adds $500. If this bike was cheaper, it would be a better starter bike, and because of that the CB300F may be still better. It starts at $3,999, but there is no option for ABS and the paint options are limited.

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