This is the BMW R80!!! Enjoy!!!

As always we give you the unique opportunity to enjoy in this amazing bike by finding all the necessary info. Every once in a while appears some bike that so different than the other bikes that you can not help it but be interested in it. This is one of those cases with this BMW R80.


When this bike appeared in Instagram many people thought that it is a photoshopped bike but that wasn’t the case it is real indeed. Some people may hate it or love it but we can’t deny the fact that is unique bike. The idea for this bike happened in Sydney and according to them the bike needs to have big thank and that makes it a unique and amazing motorbike. This people said that the thanks of other bikes are so small that they need to be refilled often. That seemed like a bad idea for them so that is why decided to build big thank because it is also their opinion that the look of the bike s not the most important thing and  many people lately decide to pay more attention to the look than on anything else.


The inspiration came from German as they say and the ultimate goal was to build a bike that will have attractive design but they also managed to make a thank that can pass 400 km without any refill. Also they made several other changes to make this bike even more powerful like the forks that have been changed and replaced with R1 USD 2008. The rear had Ohlins shock  but now it is more modern and it has crusty calipers with pots that are Brembo 4. Now about the billet bits and brackets these are custom. One of the most amazing things about this bike and in same time unexpected was the handmade exhaust.


Maybe some will say that this took more time but it really is top notch. This exhaust goes under the frame and also it is past the gearbox. This only makes the bike to be even more unique and in same time more powerful. This bike offers you an opportunity to drive in many environments, in the traffic and also outside the town and you can sleep peacefully because you don’t have to worry if it will need refill. I hope this bike caught your attention because in my opinion if you can afford it is a must have. It will stop the traffic and make people to look at it. If you were amazed as we were please share this with your friends and give them the opportunity to find out about this bike!!!



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