Check out the four custom BMW R nineTs

At BMW Motorrad Days Japan that was held last month at the Hakuba47 Mountain Sports Park, the fans of the Bavarian marque had a meeting to celebrate BMW motorcycles and to be part of the unveiling of four custom R nineTs that were built by some famous Japanese customizing firms. Kaichiroh Kurosi (Cherry’s Company), Go Takamine (Brat Style), Hideya Togashi (HIDE Motorcycle) and Shiro Nakajima (46 Works) each took on the challenge to reconstruct a BMW R nineT into an personal creation with their own design and style in less than 200 days. The results are great, as you can see, and go ahead, choose your style.

The Cyclone
The Cyclone is built by Go Takamine and it was ridden on the stage by the multi-time world champion stunt rider, Chris Pfeiffer. A street-tracker of sorts, the Cyclone is designed with abundant chrome and beautiful paintwork. Takamine said that the street bike was his attempt to make a combination of the past and the near future, in the form of modern motorcycle concealed beneath a nostalgic exterior.

The Highway Fighter
Created by Kaichiroh Kurosi, the Highway Fighter is a mix of historic and current BMW motorcycle elements. The beautiful BMW R7 prototype from the historic 1934 maybe will come to mind, even though the Highway Fighter is really a modern machine that is made in a modern facility. Kurosi said that for him, the object of the work was to look into the future. He imagined what BMW motorcycle might look like 10 years from now, and he thought that this could be a pretty awesome bike even if instead of the traditional flat-twin engine there has been an electric motor.

The Clubman Racer
BMW says that the Clubman Racer created by Shiro Nakajima was the result of the passion of one man for perfect riding machines, whether on the racetrack or on the road. That sounds great. It is completely clear that Nakajima let his R nineT be affected by his previous projects that have been established largely for racing use. Nakajima said that he wanted to create something more sporty that a café racer. To create a motorcycle that won’t be only for riding it over mountains or for the urban environment, but also to enjoy on the racetrack. That was the main reason why Nikajima has chosen all above to make it as light as possible.

The Boxer
The Boxer created by Hideya Togashi is a timeless take on a classic sport design. The bodywork reminds of the race replicas from the 1970s. Togashi said that the main feature is the slim-line aluminum fuel tank that looks like it hug the rider. The design of the fairing is taken from that of 1970s’ racing models.
What does Ola Stenegard say?
The head designer of the BMW R nine T, Ola Stenegard, was at that event in Japan and he said that he was completely bowled over by the bikes. He has high expectations and these are four of the best customizers in the whole world. Their creations are really amazing and astonishing. Each of the bikes reflects the creator and the innovations and ideas are beautiful and incredible. The details are brilliant. There are so many reasons why Ola love their creations. The Japan’s culture of customization can be described like this: “If you need a valve cap, let’s make one. If you want a full body covering, why not just make it yourself?” When they need something, they don’t go out and buy parts. This attitude is in the roots in the culture of the Japanese craft trades. It is very inspiring for them at BMW Motorrad.

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