Finnish Motorcycle Police Chase Or Next Mission Impossible Trailer?

The chase begins at the 8:40 mark. For a while, it appears to be a run of the mill high-speed motorcycle police chase. A few minutes in and you realize the chasee is carrying a passenger. Next, you begin to wonder why this motor cop can’t catch a guy riding a bike two-up. Then, at 15:06 the cop nearly crashes into the culprit when the chasee brakes hard for traffic. When the pursuit resumes it carries on for another 11 minutes of crazy passes and near misses. The end comes at 27:46 when the chasee spins out on a dirt road. Bailing on his passenger he flees on foot, removes his helmet, but doesn’t toss it (probably because he’ll need to sell it to help pay the fine). The motor cop continues the chase while still riding, hits a barn, and may have lost the suspect if it weren’t for the arrival of backup. Adding the final touch of comic relief, the cop drops his bike at 28:45. Yah, it’s a long video but worth the watch. Enjoy!


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