Hit the Switch and LIGHT UP your Motorbike!

When Andy Zsinko was asked to do a paint job on a buddy’s motorcycle, an instant dose of creativity kicked in and he decided to do just a little bit more than a regular paint job. Why not make it glow?! So he started experimenting with photo luminescent paint at first, but it wasn’t enough until he invented the “electroluminescent” paint that can be applied to any curved surface. It’s a pure innovation in light of Darkside Scientific. The product’s name is LumiLor and it is a paint that literary lights up. Yes, it is amazing as it sounds. The paint emits a soft glow as the electric current passes through it. When used on a motorcycle, the power is provided by the battery. A couple of nine-volt batteries can be enough for the helmet, for example. But its use isn’t limited to motorcycles only. It can find its application on anything that can take a coat of paint. LumiLor is available in white, blue, blue- green, green, radioactive green and orange. Also by mixing these colors it can make almost any color. It has all the features as any ordinary paint in terms of durability and protection, but when applied over a black base coat it is invisible until the motor is turned on.
The appeal is obvious – who wouldn’t want to ride a glowing bike? But, in terms of safety, here is one other benefit for this kind of paint job. It is making riders more visible on the roads and helps in keeping them safe.
Darkside Scientific didn’t just create a new feature to motorcycle paint jobs, they succeeded in making almost everything light up.


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