Hot Pursuit: Motorcyclist crashed into curb running from the cops

In the following video you will see one motorcycle that is running from the police and crashes into a curb. At the beginning of the video, this street bike stunt rides puts an “I don’t stop for cops” sticker on the side of the police patrol car while driving down the road. After that, he gets involved in a hot pursuit with the cops with flashing lights and sirens. He speeds down the middle of the roadway and he falls from the bike. After the accident, the rider immediately jumps up from the pavements, picks up his bike and tries to start it. The motorcycle didn’t start, and the police officers in the patrol car came in the right time, behind the motorcyclist. The rider of the bike makes many attempts to start his motorcycle, but he didn’t have the luck to start it. Then he jumps on another motorcycle and takes off. Check out the video to see the whole situation. Share the video with your friends.

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