Keanu Reeves’ Arch Motorcycle Company with its first bike – The KRGT-1

We know that you have heard many stories about what a stand-up man Keanu Reeves is when the cameras are not rolling, and now that makes sense. It turns out that he is a crazy passionate motorcyclist and together with chopper whiz Gard Hollinger, he has built the bike of his dreams, and he also started a company manufacturing them. Now, the Arch Motorcycle Company has just released its very first bike named the KRGT-1, that is a $78,000 chopper-inspired sports naked bike with a big 2 liter S&S V-Twin engine, and with a body that is all hewn from billet aluminum. We don’t know whether it explodes if you go less than 50 MPH, best keep the throttle open in order to be safe.
Ageless movie star Keanu Reeves is a motorcycle tragic who has just owned two cars in his life. He is an everyday rider who rocks an open-face lid even though his face is worth millions dollars, and whose garage has now a cavalcade of Suzukis, Kawasakis, Guzzis, Harleys, Beemers and his real love – Nortons.
After experiencing abject failure and running a bike trying to modify it. Keanu Reeves wandered into the workshop of Gard Hollinger, the master chopper builder, and they had the following “>conversation:
Reeves: Can you build me a sissy bar?
Hollinger: We don’t build sissy bars.
Reeves: Oh, then what do you do?
Hollinger: We make motorcycles.
Reeves: Well … Are you interested in making a motorcycle?
Bollinger: I don’t know, what sort of motorcycle do you wanna make?
From there, they sat down, started a conversation and started throwing sketches around. After a couple of months, they started a business together – the Arch Motorcycle Company, and now they released the first bike – the KRGT-1.
The design of the bike is a bit of a mishmash. It has got the heart of a cruiser with a big 124 cubic inch V-Twin engine, and that has a 2,032 cc in metric and rides a 122 foot-pound wave of torque up to a 122 HP peak. It has got the forward foot controls of a chopper or a cruiser that manifests in the laid black, king of the road kind of riding position. It has also got a very fat 240 section rear tire, and everything is carved out of billet aluminum. But the chopperisms stops where the header pipes combine into a sporty exhaust with a triangular profile.
The forks of the bike are fully adjustable Ohlins units, the wheels are ultra-light carbon fiber jobs, the shock is completely adjustable by Race Tech and the brakes are twin ISR 6 piston monobloc radial monsters. Keeping the bike narrow, the air intakes of the engine are placed above and behind the billet headlight housing of the bikethat looks fantastic. The tank of the bike is split into two fuel cells that are hewn out of aluminum, and that allows the tube frame to be shown right from the headstock down to the seat.
Well, if you have $78,000 this bike can be yours too. It is expensive, but it takes some 66 hours for the tank to carve it out of a big 534 pound block of billet, and the finish and details on these things are stunning.
Everything that we have heard about Keanu Reeves tells us that he is a genuine, honest and sweet guy that makes sense when you learn that he is a passionate motorcyclist.


Source: Arch Motorcycle Company

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