Meet the Kawasaki-Supercharged Ninja H2 With Wings!!!

Here you can see the first real shot of the Supercharged Ninja H2 by Kawasaki that has wings. The debut of this beast was at the Intermot show in Cologne, Germany.
Now we can definitely get a clear view of the Ninja H2 with an unending string of teasers, and we can speculate without end about the size of the blown inline- four, power figures, the suspension setup, but our eyes are focused on the wings.

The Ninja H2 seems to be the first production bike with side wings, but the wings aren’t anything new on racing bikes like those that you can see in MotoGP. But the wings are not for downforce, it is for cooling.
With a low-pressure zone, creating behind the winglets, each one sets a vacuum that shovels more air against the front-mounted radiator. Check out the following video to see the engine test of the Supercharged Ninja H2. This bike is really amazing. Enjoy!


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