Mother released a video of her son’s death in a crash while driving his motorcycle

One mother has released the video that shows the moment when his son who was motorcyclist dies instantly in a 97 MPH horror motorbike crash. David Holmes, who was 38 years old, was killed in June last year when he was driving on the A47 in Honingham, Norfolk, where a car turned into his path. The speed limit in this way is 60 MPH. This horrible moment was captured on the camera on his helmet. The last word of David Holmes, a few seconds before the crash, was ‘whoa’.
His mother, Brenda, 62, has decided to show the world this video in a bid to stop others going through the same sadness of losing a family member. She is a retired nurse, and with this video she wants both motorcyclists and drivers to be more careful of each other on the roads, in order to stop more crashes like this.
Brenda said that the driver did not see the motorcyclist, but David, who was driving nearly 40 MPH over the speed limit, did not have time to avoid the accident. He was driving his Yamaha FJR1300, and he was thrown from the bike into the trees and pronounced dead at the scene. Before that, he overtook a few cars on his bike in the minutes leading up to the horror crash. He was travelling back from King’s Lynn, Norfolk, where he had been with his colleagues.

WARNING: Video contains footage that some viewers may find distressing

His mother said that she know that he rode fast that day, and that he loved motorbikes and speed. In this video, his mother tells that her son worked at the British Antarctic Survey, and recently had returned from the Antarctic. He bought his first motorbike for his 16th birthday. She remembers how he was excited when they give him the bike.
He was described by his friends like a ‘legend and a gentleman’. His mother said that he was ‘the most wonderful son’.
The head of the Norfold and Suffolk Roads Policing Unit, Chief Inspector Chris Spinks, said that he was ‘confident’ that the clip can save a life. This video in just three days has been watched by almost 4.5 million people. He said that David’s family believed that if this video could save just one life, then it would be totally worth it. They will never know if they have achieved this, but with the level of interest, they will.
This year in April, the driver of the Renault car that struck David Holmes, Benjamin Austin, pleaded guilty to causing a fatal death by careless driving. His driving license was suspended for 28 months and he was ordered to do 130 hours of unpaid work. Austin said in front of the court that he had not seen the bike before making the turn. The Judge Veits in the passing sentence, said that no one had suggested Austin been driving dangerously, but he unfortunately made a horrible mistake that unluckily many other drivers also make, of not seeing the motorcycle.
His mother said that he must have had a bad moment of fear as he was seeing the end of his life, and that being without David has changed everything in their lives who ended that day, and she knows the meaning of heartache, and it really does hurt because it is a physical pain.

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