Oh S**t, Oh S**t! Biker Freaks Out After His Buddy Falls Off


If you haven’t had your “what on Earth is going on?” moment today, this video should intrigue you while at the same time leave you properly confused.

It starts off like a found footage horror flick as the rider with the helmet cam suddenly realizes his motorcycle buddy isn’t behind him anymore.

He quickly turns around and starts asking him if he’s OK and if he can hear him, but we don’t see how that would be possible unless they were talking to each other thought one of those Bluetooth kits built specifically to be worn with a helmet.

Still, he gets no response and returns to find an overturned bike and no sign of his friend – at which point it really does start to feel like an episode of LOST where it’s like the more you see, the more confusing it gets.

Speaking of confusing, and possibly very weird, when the rider gets off the bike, he stretches his left arm out as if to attract the attention of incoming traffic and says “stop”…which is fine, except there wasn’t any car there. Not even on the horizon.

We could just attribute his behavior to the fact that he was obviously freaking out and his mind was probably all over the place. Still, check it out for yourselves and let us know what you think.


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