One of the world’s top female riders – Sarah Lezito

Today we present you one of the top female riders in the world named Sarah Lezito. Actually, her name is Sarah Vignot, Lezito is her nickname that she had it when she was young. He lives in Reims, France and is 21-years-old.

She began doing stunts at the age of 13 with an ATV, with friends that have the same hobby around her village. Then she finds out that stunt riding is a real sport, so she had her first motorbike at the age of 16 – a Yamaha dtx 125cc and she gets inspired by Jorian. She had the chance to meet some amazing stunt riders near from her home, and Loic Borne helped her to push her limits.

Her current bike is a Kawasaki 03 636 with righteous stunt metal clutch and exhaust, 2012 zx6r fork, Janekextrem full steel frame, 18×16 Accossato front brake, SI crash cages, Zeb-one dual bracket with 16×15 Accossato rear hand brake, 13×60 Vortex sprocket, Honey Rearsets.
Sarah said that she rides almost everyday and she loves straight line combos and rolling stops all the day. These are the only things that don’t get her bored.

Her main goals are to meet new people, learn watchtower, get better in circles, jumps everywhere, and so much things. She wants to be in the top 10 riders at the following stung GP.
She learned her tricks from watching other people doing tricks. She just tries it everyday. The best example is: switchback driving with one foot, she only watched Dena videos and she trained to this everyday.
He feels happy everyday to not have any difference riding with men, it makes her want to always do better.
She thinks that she makes some tricks easier because she worked very hard on her 125cc and she had a good basis before having a huge bike. She says that for new tricks you still have to disconnect your brain for a few seconds, to forget that you can fall, and that is the hardest work.

Her advice for the new riders is: “Just do it! Don’t take care about people think or what, if you want, you can!”
Also, she loves riding dirt bikes, snowboarding, bicycling…
Check out her best video: One out of Billion Girls.

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