Pirelli continuing to be tire supplier!!!

We all know that until now Pirelli was main supplier for all the classes of Superbike around the world. Now we have info that it will continue this season too till 2018. Pirelli also provides tires for Formula 1 and this is the longest time for one supplier to work in the industry of Superbike. We also have info that since 2004 this manufacturer has produced over three quarters of million tires and this includes tires for Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and also Miller Motosports Park, which is USA tracks, over 16 countries and that would be for over 268 races. Now Pirelli introduced 13 new products with the Diablo range. Part of this new things also are the tires that are 17 inches and they are for Superbike, these tires are replacement for the 16.5 inch rubber from the last session. Pirelli Giorgio Barbier said in one occasion that they believed that with high quality tires the quality of the race will be better and also this will reduce the motorcycling cost but not everybody agreed with this statement. But over the years he managed to prove that and also contribute to a better show. Each year there is a need for bigger technical support in order for the races to be better. So this article was about getting more info about Pirelli, the importance of the tires for better show and the quality of the race, if you liked it please share!!!

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