Say Goodbye To Flat Tires And Say Hello To Rhinotire – The Puncture-Proof Tires For Bikes

This is a unique and revolutionary technology that is made to prevent flats in the pneumatic tires caused by some punctures from a nail or some other sharp objects. With these tires you will experience better fuel economy, better handling, safer ride and longer lasting tires. Safety technology can be applied to any size and type of tire. Cars, motorcycles, bikes, commercial trucks or pickups. It works on used and new tires with the same result. This is a technological breakthrough in the automotive industry. Its essence consists in the application to the inside of the tire, of a unique polymer RhinoPlex. That will immediately seal any incision or puncture up to a ¼ of an inch. The polymer used here is heated to a very high temperature and after that is sprayed evenly inside the tire.
With the application of a gel inside the tire at a 120°C, the RhinoTire transforms your motorcycle tires into puncture-proof tires. This is the most ideal product. Check out the video.

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