Scorpion EXO-1100 Helmet !!!

To be safe while driving you need to have an helmet of course to protect you. But the thing is that the helmet must be comfortable and give a clear vision and also I believe that everyone wants a helmet that will have a killer design. In the following part we present you the helmet EXO 1100, and we will give you more info. This helmet has added more parts so your cheek and your chin will have extra protection. Also a big plus about this helmet is that is quiet and has perfect aerodynamic. As we said before the design is also very important. This helmet has liberty scheme. Many people love this design and they have confirmed that it is not easy to starch this helmet because everyone wants smooth helmet and looking like new at all times. Also the paint is very good and it will nor fade. The shape is round and it is preferable that you take a little bit larger helmet than usual.

You can accommodate speakers because the ear cut is big. Also one of the better things is the whole interior is removable so it will be easier to keep it clean you can just remove it and wash it because is washable. Also, there is an option to pump the bladders and in this way you can shape it according to your shape. So this helmet is not just expensive, it also offers you quality and it will not disappoint you for sure. The face shield is easy to remove and also the visibility is excellent it is way better than the average helmet. Also the ventilation we can say that is ok. Also the pressure near the chin is low and this helmet is perfect when is raining it will protect you for sure. Also, this helmet will protect you from the noise because it is very quiet. The people who tried it rated it very good when it comes to noise. Also, another thing is that a good helmet must have a perfect weight. It shouldn’t be too heavy or too light. This helmet weights 3 pounds and 10.6 ounces and also has two sizes for the shell. This helmet you can adjust it easily as you like and make it comfortable for you. Also by wearing it too much it will start to smell, but the good thing is as we said that you can easily wash it so is convenient for everyone. And also it is very easy to install bike to bike communicator. This helmet if you are interested you can find it in retail stores and is not that pricy for all the features that is has. The prize is 319.95$, Also you can choose different colors because there are people, of course, who like their helmet to match the clothes, So this helmet you can find it in light and dark silver and black color.

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