Suzuki GS 550 E Café Racer ’78 by M&M Custom

Today you will read the story of Mick from M&M Custom Denmark and his Suzuki GS 550 E Café Racer with the F-You Attitude.
The Story behind M&M Custom
He said that he has building bikes most of his life, and he started when he was about 8 years old. It all started with buying old mopeds that he restored up and sold on for money. During his childhood, he raced everything that he could get his hands on. Mike loved go-carts, cross, road-racers and etc.
On his 18th birthday, he started studying to be a motorcycle mechanic that in Denmark is a 4 year education, and he finished it at the age of 22 all straight A’s.
He has been in that business for over 15 years, and the last 8 years he spent in customizing bikes.
2 years ago, he started his own garage and his business has been booming.
At M&M Custom they build all kinds of custom motorcycles, starting from full on show bikes to trash bin specials. They always pay attention to details and all of their bikes has an element of F-you attitude.

The Story about the bike
When he started the business he sold all his bikes, so he didn’t have his own bike for the past 2 years. Mike for a long time have been planning what he wanted to for his next bike.
One day when he was out looking for parts for a build, he found this old GS 550 standing in a barn together with a CB 750, and in the same minute he asked the owner if he would sell both bikes. Luckily, the owner said “Yes!”
So now he has a project bike, his very own project bike. But he doesn’t have that much money to spend on that. So, from the start of the build he was thinking how much he can build with that small budget.
Almost all parts on the bike were original that have been modified in the same way. As an example, the gas-tank is original with homemade knee dents and metal strip to hold in the right place.
The seat unit is made out of sheet metal hammered into shape by hand. The copper strip placed on the back is an old water pipe that he cut open and then hammered into shape and mounted it with pop rivets. The seat he had it in the shop and it is an old Bobber seat. He used the top leather with the skull, cut it into shape and mount it with pop rivets.
Everything that didn’t have to be on that bike was removed. No tacho, no speedometer, no mirrors, no indicators, no room for passenger and no electrical starter. Can you imagine that? Back to the basic, everything that could be drilled has been drilled in order to save on the weight.
Mike wanted the bike to have a great F-You attitude, so the paint job on this bike is missing. But the gas-tank has a rising sun flag to honor the Japanese origin of the bike, and the back has an “Ace Café London” logo that was painted by hand.
Everything else on the bike is in raw metal.
The result can be seen in the pictures and he was ecstatic that he once again had his own bike.
But after 5 days he sold this Suzuki GS 500 E Café Racer because he got an offer that he couldn’t refuse.
So now he has to build a CB 750 instead.

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