The Most Famous Harley Davidson “Captain America” Sold At Auction For $1.35 Million

The legendary motorcycle was driven by Peter Fonda in a movie from 1969 called “Easy Rider” now becomes auctioned bike expensive than the history. The buyer of this bike pays more than one million dollars, practically 1.058.038 euros.
This bike is so expensive because it comes with its official documents and a letter from Fonda, that confirms that this was the original and unique bike, and the other bikes that were used in the movie was stolen before 40 years.
This auction became very famous in the history of the auctions for motorcycles. We can confirm you that this is one of the most famous motorcycle in the world. This will remark the whole industry of motorcyclism. After this movie, million and million people went to buy a motorcycle.
In the following video you can see the final scene of this famous American movie. The bike that was sold at auction, is the bike that was used in this final scene. Enjoy!


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