This Is The Coolest Kid In Class: Bikers Escort A Kid With Down Syndrome To The First Day Of High School


One group that is well-known for showing its support for the veterans of America took time to help a one little boy on the first day of high school.
The name of the kid is Sean Maehrer and he has Down syndrome and was preparing for the first day of high school near Allentown, Pa. in Tuesday.
Some friends of the family were really worried about Sean being bullied at school, so they search for help on Facebook.
Many motorcycle clubs organized dozens of bikes to drive to his home and give him an escort to the high school. They gave him his own designed bike helmet.
The main goal of this was to make Sean one of the coolest kids in the school and to make sure everyone knew better than to make problems with him.
His parents were so excited that they could barely talk, but they thank everyone who made this special day. They managed to pull it all together in just 2 days.

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