This is the Yamaha WR250R!!!

We all know the saying less is more. Well, sometimes you don’t need a big bike to have the experience that you are searching for, you only need a smaller bike like this Yamaha that will give you the full experience. This bike was made to endure long distance, of course with a help of modes. We will give a lot of info about this bike and then you can decide if you like it or not. Let’s start with the wheels that are really soft and this is proved by several aggressive tests. The front tire is Pirelli and the cost is 117$ this tire works perfectly with MT 43 rear. The upgrade for the stock discs can be done for a low price. The saddlebag is from Giant Loop and it is a really good solution because you don’t need metal racks and also has a heat shield that has a function to protect the exhaust from heat, also they made a change by adding another one. The capacity is really huge and also it is water proof. The core components can be rebuild, but there is one thing that you should know the stock damping is maybe not that good for large drivers or extra load. The suspension is from a tuning show in Virginia that known all around the world. The handling and the ride are so improved that it seems like you are riding a completely new bike. As many people speak about this change that would be the most worth change that you can make on this bike. Now about the fuel tank, it has a capacity of two gallons, which is more than enough for the people who like real adventure. Now about the exhaust, it weights 11 pounds and we can tell you that the engine response is truly amazing. There is a cutout that will really make it easier the oil change and another thing that you should know is that plastic stock keeps the dust of the engine, although id there is some big heat it can damage the vulnerable parts. If you want to make this bike better for yourself, here are some friendly advice first as we said before change the handlebar because the previous one is a little bit narrow and also too low. For better comfort because we all like that and also if you want it more wider, higher and also more stronger in that case A Rental RC High. The Cycra Hand guard for better protection from the wind and also rocks or tree branches because at some point we all have had contact with them and we were left with some bruises. If you want to map your road than you should consider taking Garmin Zumo and also there is a Bluetooth and also it is water resistant. So these were some advice how to make your bike better so you can enjoy it more. I hope you liked it and also all the info that we gave you. Please enjoy and share with your friends, maybe they will find this info useful too!!!

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