Video: Bloke falls asleep whilst riding a scooter… and drops it (naturally)

Sleeping while riding
Sleeping while riding

We were sceptical about this the first time we watched this video of a guy in Thailand apparently falling asleep on a scooter – but having watched it a few times it’s starting to look pretty real to us.

Have a watch yourself and see what you think. He’s weaving all over the place and car horns are going, people are shouting – but nothing is waking him up. Actually, we say waking him up but we suppose it’s entirely plausible that this guy is under the influence of something rather than just being tired.
Either way, this particular scooter stint ends up in the inevitable arse/road interface but before that conclusion happens he has some close calls with other road users. The footage, shot from a car following this bright spark down the road, is shaky but the subject matter kind of makes up for that.

Here’s the video:


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